Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This was her second drawing of a face. She was so excited that she had drawn a nose. I have to admit I was pretty excited myself.

Zoe said, "I draw a mouth Mommy! Now put it to my blog."

This is her first official drawing of an actual scene. She drew herself, Daddy, and some balloons floating around her. I love it.

I am pretty amazed at how obsessed Zoe is with her art. She wakes up in the morning and grabs a hand full of crayons and some paper and starts to draw. I am still finding her drawing all over the house despite all my attempts to keep the art in the kitchen only. She is a funny little girl, and I just adore her!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Little Picasso

I think Zoe is going to be my little Picasso. She is the only child I have that adores drawing on any surface including paper. Tables, walls, doors, outside toys and our picnic table all have evidence of her little calculated scribbles. She is absolutely obsessed with drawing and creating. I love it.  Here are her newest batch of drawings. There are more of these drawings, however I select just a few to showcase. She brings them to me and asks me, "Put these to my blog mommy?". She just makes me smile. Sloan is such a good example for her sister. She has been working on art almost everyday also. She loves helping Zoe pick out crayons and pencils to use for her drawings. They are quite a pair.

Saturday, August 23, 2008